YorkMUN 2018 Secretariat


Secretary General - Nick Meadowcroft-lUNn:

The Secretary-General for YorkMUN 2018 is Nick Meadowcroft-Lunn, a 3rd year studying Physics with Philosophy. As a committed MUN’er for the last 4 years, he knows what makes a good conference and how to deliver it. His passions outside of MUN include football, politics and philosophy, all of which he has tried to combine together at various times, mostly unsuccessfully. After university he hopes to work in the finance sector, his keen interest being investment banking.



Deputy Secretary General-Sara Schjødt Kjær:

With YorkMUN 2017 having blown her mind, though surprisingly nothing dramatic happened to her head during its crisis cabinet, Sara Schjødt Kjær decided to take part in the planning of YorkMUN 2018 by becoming deputy secretary general. Sara’s MUN career is 3 years of age, and includes both delegating, chairing and conference managing. In her spare time she enjoys her degree in Physics and Philosophy, and aspires to become an academic specialising in theoretical particle physics.



Under-secretary general of finance-bennet nightingale:

At the crisis for YorkMUN 2017, Bennett enjoyed travelling around the south of england as Prince Rupert during the turmoil of the English Civil War. A man of fine tastes, fluffy dogs, and excellent clothes, Bennett was eventually blown up by Irish rebels after inventing a giant naval cannon, the aptly named Rupertinoe. With his mid-life crisis over, Bennett now believes it’s appropriate to enter the murky realms of finance. Aside from MUN, Bennett enjoys political philosophy and cycling.



Under-secretary general of chairing and committees-ben bolton:

Ben Bolton is a second year student studying German, Spanish and Linguistics and is currently planning his year abroad in Germany and South America. He is most well known for his performances as John Elphinstone Lord Balmerino (Balmerino), Marcus Junius Brutus and Prime Minister Boris Johnson (get well soon Theresa). Leaving in his wake the scottish colonial nation Talam Corach, a string of body doubles, two dead cleopatras, the entire British economy and a poisoned prime minister. Though crises are what he finds most enjoyable Ben also finds time to revere Saddam Hussain as god when Sri Lanka and launch a full nuclear strike on China as Denmark in AIIB. Ben is very interested in international politics, history and also unironically enjoys jazz.



Under-secretary general of Delegates- Ashvini rae:

Having been killed off in Crisis at YorkMUN 2017, Ashvini Rae decided it would be best to serve as USG Delegates for YorkMUN 2018, rather than as a delegate herself. Ashvini has been doing MUN for the past year and has attended five conferences in that time, which she hopes will help her to ensure a great experience for every delegate who attends YorkMUN 2018. Outside of MUN, she has an interest in global affairs, particularly American politics, and hopes to work in the field of International Development.



under-secretary general of logistics-daniel worby

Daniel Worby is a third year Archaeology student and, more importantly, USG Logistics at YorkMUN 2018. He has attended over a dozen conferences since Sixth Form, having acted as a delegate, chair and a backroom staff member for the YorkMUN 2017 crisis simulation. Daniel is also famous for the quickest ever death in crisis, at CUIMUN 2016. Beyond MUN, his interests include swimming and keeping up with international affairs. After he completes his education, Daniel is hoping to have a career in the heritage sector, working in a museum or as an archivist.



Under-secretary general of speakers-russelL o'brien:

After being left distraught with his inability to solve climate change in ECOSOC at YorkMUN 2017, Russell consoled himself with the knowledge that there would be others, far more qualified than himself, capable of finding solutions on global issues. It was this that led him to become USG Speakers for YorkMUN 2018 and is the person to thank for the enlightening and carefully chosen speaker. Outside of MUN, Russell is a second-year history student whose hobbies include chess and debating and is generally an optimistic inspiration to all those around him.



under-secretary general of sponsors- Richard linstead:

After participating in four conferences in his first-year Richard Linstead decided, hopefully correctly, that he would be able to function as USG Sponsors. At the YorkMUN 2017 Crisis Simulation Richard survived defecting twice and participating in three cabinets. That was until he was poisoned with less than half an hour of Crisis remaining. His interests outside of MUN include football, more specifically Liverpool FC, and politics.



under-secretary general of publicity- niels boender:

A second year history student, Niels Boender will be the USG for Publicity of YorkMun 2018. Having attended 4 conferences in his first  year, and the current Press and Publicity Officer for UNA York, he is highly motivated about this new position on the Secretariat. Originally from Holland, he has lived across Eastern Europe, most recently Russia. Besides MUN, his hobbies include Judo, Debating and  Politics.



under-secretary general of partners- andrew john weeks:

Andrew John Weeks, the Under-Secretary General for Partners, is a somewhat creative and generally kind hearted individual who has a true passion for people. It is this limited skill set which earned him his role as USG (if you will pardon the abbreviation) Partners. From September onwards of 2017 Andrew does not know what he is doing, so we can find out together. Andrew has gone to more than 12 conferences, and through his experience has developed Deus Crisis Platform - which quickly became a meme - one of his proudest achievements. He first started MUN at age 14, where he won a ‘Best Delegate’ award at the first conference his school ever went to. Overall, Andrew is a troublemaker and heartbreaker.
Oh, and Andrew also likes to help at his church’s youth group and pretend to be helpful.



under-secretary general of socials- robbie almond:

Robbie is a second year Politics student, and is preparing to enter his second year of MUN. He has attended two MUN conferences in which he has been involved in the League of Arab States and a Joint Triple Crisis cabinet. Aside from MUN, Robbie has participated in ecological projects in Borneo, and has a keen interest in ASEAN. He is also an editor and  regular contributor to the York Politics Review.



under Secretary General webmaster and deputy USg. logistics:

Robert Dykes is a first year Economics student who is in charge of all things technical when it comes to the organisation of YorkMUN 2018, and will also be the deputy USG Logistics. He has attended a number of conferences in his first year including WorldMUN, and is hoping to attend the upcoming session of GregMUN 2.0. He is planning on involved in chairing in the coming years but in the meantime, his main focus is training and fundraising for the Athens marathon in November.