mun Conferences

Model United Nations is an academic competition which simulates the United Nations and other international organisations such as the EP, NATO or AIIB.

The primary objective of a MUN conference is for students to reach collaborative and innovative solutions to international problems. These can range from human rights issues and economic development to climate change. Through deliberation, delegates strive to reach consensus and create resolutions in the official UN format. Conferences range in size from 60 to over 2000 delegates with multiple specialised committees. Conferences present awards to the best delegeates for each committee. Below we have small write ups of the conferences we have attended this academic year.


NOTTingham Univeristy Model United Nations- NOVEMBER 2018

NottsMUN was one of the best organised conferences we’ve ever been to and that even if it was about developing some ice-skating skills, learning to survive in crisis or just enjoying our first conference as part of UNA York, NottsMUN will definitely be something we will always remember.
We managed to claim the title of Best Delegation and in part thanks to Russel O’Brien, Hamish MacLellan and Nick Meadowcroft-Lunn who got the Best Delegate/ the Director’s Awards in Crisis. We would also like to congratulate Harry Clay for his Cabinet Award and also Hattie Oliver and Muttaqee Dar for obtaining the Distinguished Delegate award. 
Also there are worth mentioning the commendations received by Filippos Karakonstantinos, Joel Hoskins and Alexandra Oancea. 

MUNICE 2017.jpg


Last week UNA York sent seven delegates to the fourth annual Nice Model United Nations (MUNICE) conference. We stayed in a wonderful AirBnB located in the centre of Nice, a matter of minutes away from the beach and a short walk from the event held at the school for political science. Special congratulations go to Alex Jamal & Sylvia de Serdio on winning best delegate in UNSC & Crisis respectively, Philippe Lefevre on winning outstanding delegate in the UNSC, best position paper Ashvini Rae and verbal commendation to Johannes Gaechter.

Liverpool International Model United Nations (LivMUN) - March 2017

This weekend UNA York attended LIVMUN 2017, and by all accounts was an amazing conference; with everything from DISEC and UNSC invading Crisis, ISIS getting veto power on the security council and King Charles pushing the Queen down the stairs. There was however, still time for some serious debate on hard hitting topics such as the Syrian Civil War, police brutality and gender equality. We would like to thank all delegates that took part and congratulate Madelin Strupitis-Haddrick and Bennett Nightingale on gaining best delegate awards, Megan Williams and Lauren Wright on being awarded outstanding delegate awards and Rob Dykes and Ben Bolton for getting verbal commendations.

ScotMUN 2017.jpg

Scotland Model United Nations (scotMUN) - March 2017

Last weekend a 15-person delegation from UNA York attended the ScotMUN2017 conference. Over those three days our delegates enjoyed debating a wide range of exciting topics in the historic city of Edinburgh and also attended great socials including a club night with a traditional Scottish Caleigh. Congratulations to our award winning delegates Maddie May (best delegate, IOM), Charlotte Stella (best delegate, UNESCO), Geoff Glover (best delegate, Standing Committee on Terrorism) as well as Thomas Luck (verbal commendation, DISEC) and Uday Maudgil (verbal commendation, Crisis).

LIMUN 2017.jpg

London International Model United Nations (LIMUN) - February 2017

This year, UNA York had a wonderful time at LIMUN 2017, hosted in the beautiful city of London. We had 20 delegates and 3 chairs there, all of who had a fulfilling time debating in the nation's capital. We won 4 awards, with Niels Boender, Nick Meadowcroft-Lunn, Ashvini Rae and Uday Maudgil  is Jack Seaton's award for Best Backroom, proving that UNA York doesn't just excel with its delegates, but also it's chairs. All in all, it was an exciting and rewarding experience for all those involved; we look forward to coming back to the 2018 edition!

Leeds Model United Nations (LeedsMUN) - February 2017

Our delegation had a great time at LeedsMUN and won an unprecedented number of awards so congratulations to Sylvia de Serdio who won a Crisis Directors' Award, Maddie Clingan and Russell O'Brien who both won Best Delegate Awards, Oscar De Rosa, who won a Distinguished Delegate Award and to Alexandra Maria Oancea, who received an Honourable Mention. York also received a number of commendations so congratulations to Rob Dykes, Lauren Wright, Ashvini Rae, Ben Bolton, Christopher SI Makar and Madelin Strupitis-Haddrick.

University of Birmingham International Model United Nations (UBIMUN) - January 2017

UBIMUN 2017 was an exciting conference for our small, yet enthusiastic, delegation. Three of our four delegates engaged in the Cold War Crisis Simulation. This pitted the United States against the USSR as they aimed to achieve domination over the African continent. Our final delegate, Philippe Lefevre, represented the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in DISEC. In doing so he gained a distinguished delegate award. The social at UBIMUN were also a great success. The Charity Gala, ‘A Night Under the Stars’, provided a live band and exciting raffle prizes. 

EireMUN (Cork, Ireland) - January 2017

This weekend’s ÉireMUN offered hot topics for debate as well as exploration of the beautiful land of emeralds. Arriving Thursday evening, we had Friday morning to visit the famous Blarney Castle - and some delegates were blessed with ever-lasting luck by kissing the Blarney Stone, after a beautiful walk in the green gardens. This proved to be useful later on, where the delegates were met by high-quality debates and difficult problems to solve within their respective committees. Sunday morning, after a fantastic social the night before, it was also quite fortunate that all delegates made it to committee on time! Overall, the conference was a great success for UNA York, and as award-winner in NATO, Niels Boender describes it: “It was amazing because it was small, like Ireland.”


Hamburg University International Model United Nations (HamMUN) - December 2016

HamMUN 2016 was a great success for York UNA! We had a strong performance overall with 4 members receiving awards. Congratulations to Bennett Nightingale, Ashvini Rae, Phillippe Lefevre, and Nadine Nassar! As well as Ben Bolton who received a verbal commendation. Our delegation also greatly enjoyed the socials, with the Diplomat Ball and Boat Parties highlights of the trip, as well as touring around Hamburg during the Christmas season. We hope to be back for HamMUN 2017!

Sheffield University Model United Nations (SheffMUN) - December 2016

York UNA had a fantastic weekend in Sheffield. We had a great time at the socials and won an award in every committee we had delegates on. Norb Gordon won a special award for stepping up to chair one of the Crisis Committees. Sara Kjaer won Best Delegate in WHO, and Uday Maudgil Alex Jamal, Rob Dykes, Russell O'Brien, Ben Walker all won distinguished delegate in their committees. Amy Sullivan, Petra Bíró, and Tom Davies all won Commendations. Because of this, we also won the Best Delegation Prize, which the Secretariat initially hadn't planned to hand out.

Cambridge University International Model United Nations (CUIMUN) - November 2016

CUIMUN was a huge success - both for Cambridge and for us. With over 600 delegates in attendance; UNA-York's 20 member delegation performed excellently winning the Best Large Delegation award! Winning three best delegate awards and three distinguished delegates; along with 4 verbal mentions. Truly an amazing showing for our first conference.