UNA Committee 2017-18


Johannes Maximilian Gaechter - President:

Johannes is a final year Politics and International Relations student and has been a member of UNA York since his first year at York as he takes a keen interest in international politics and current affairs. He has attended countless conferences throughout the UK and Europe and has previously served as UNA’s Press and Publicity officer on the 2016/17 committee.  He has grown up in Austria and has previously attended sixth form in the United Kingdom. Besides his involvement with UNA he is also a passionate rower and photographer.



Nick Meadowcroft-Lunn - Secretary General of YorkMUN 2018

Nick is a third year student studying Physics and Philosophy who’s been doing MUN for 5 years. He’s been an active member of UNA York since he started, taking a special interest in crisis committees and chairing. In his non-UNA York spare time he plays, writes about and talks football, along with occasional forays into epistemological philosophy. Somewhere, in all of this, he one day hopes to find a job useful to society, probably in the finance sector.



Sara Kjær - Deputy Secretary General of YorkMUN 2018

Sara is a second year student of Physics and Philosophy hailing from Denmark. She has been doing MUN for three years, and been an active member of UNA York since her first year at university, in which she attended 7 conferences. She harbours a special interest in formal logic and particle physics, and hopes to one day find the link between international politics and her physics degree.



Uday Maudgil -  Secretary

Uday Maudgil is a 2’nd year PPE student, interested in contitutional law and labour economics, who’s been a part of UNA York since his first year. He was also a Training Officer last year. He has been to over 9 conferences and won 7 awards, as well as chairing ECOSOC at YorkMUN. He works part time in the House of Lords doing speechwriting and research, and enjoys coin collecting.



Bennet Nightingale - Treasurer

Bennett is a second year Politics Student, and is about to begin his second year of MUN. He has attended 4 MUN conferences, and has been a keen participant within military committees such as NATO. He has a particular interest in political philosophy, especially the works of Machiavelli and Cicero, and how political thought has changed over time. He was born in Amsterdam, and has lived in England since the age of three. Aside from Model United Nations, he has volunteered in Nepal, and enjoys travelling.



LaUREN WRIGHT- Conference OfficeR

Lauren is a second year Politics and International Relations student, with a significant interest in international political history specialising in political extremism. She has been involved with MUN for around 7 years, having taken part in both high school and university level, taking part in conferences all over the country and world. From an early age she has been involved with politics, from helping to organise Amnesty protests to being interviewed about the 2015 election on national television. Her other key interests include windsurfing, dancing and baking.


CO Oscar.jpg

Oscar De Rosa - Training Officer

Oscar is a second year Philosophy student and passionate member of UNA York, having attended five conferences in a five month period and hoping to do more. As a philosophy student, Oscar can be found arguing with himself on both philosophical and not-so-much philosophical topics.




Thomas is a PhD student in Politics and is entering his tenth year of doing MUN, having started it at the age of 14.  He studies how political parties work and factionalism across political parties.  He has attended 35 Model UN conferences at different levels, both being a delegate, chair, crisis director, and even a Secretariat member.  He was born in New York City to a French mother and an Israeli father and moved to the UK 7 years ago.  Apart from Model UN he is a passionate social democrat, enjoys cooking, hiking, and comedy shows.



Russell O'Brien - Training Officer

Russell is a second year history student who proved himself alright at MUN conferences in the previous year. Russell was born in England to English parents, is currently living in England and when bored, he likes to pretend he's Irish.




Niels Boender - Press and Publicity

Niels is a second year History student, who has been a regularly and involved member of UNA York since his first year. Since then, he has attended several conferences across Britain and Ireland, showing improving tact and ability as a delegate. He was born to Dutch parents, but grew up in several cities across Eastern Europe, most recently Moscow, before choosing to study at York. Besides being UNA’s Press and Publicity Officer he has a passionate interest in politics, debating and Judo.




Sylvia de Serdio - Social Secretary

Sylvia is a second year Social and Political Sciences student that has been an active member of UNA York since her first year. She has attended conferences throughout her first year and is looking forward to attending more, as well as improving as a delegate. She was born in Spain, where she grew up, to a spanish father and a half-peruvian, half-dutch mother. As a truly international student, she loves travelling and meeting new people. Sylvia also enjoys reading, cooking and debating.



Ashvini Rae - Campaign Officer

Ashvini is a second year Politics and International Relations student and is an active member of UNA York, having attended both national and international conferences during her first year. . Having been raised by an Indian mother and a British father and having spent many childhood summers in India, she enjoys travelling and learning about different cultures, which is why she enjoys MUN so much. She is also passionate about political activism, working on several campaigns in her former role as a Girlguiding Advocate.



Muhammad Ali - Speaker's Secretary

Muhammad is a first year Politics, Philosophy and Economics student and has been a member of UNA York since the beginning of the academic year. He has attended countless high school conferences throughout the UK for the past 6 years and is hoping to continue his conference streak into his second year, though he is looking to begin chairing at some elite conferences soon. Besides his interest with UNA he is also an avid badminton player, and blogger on political or philosophical issues.



Robert Dykes - Webmaster

Robert is a first year Economics student, with a particular interest in the economics and politics of development, who signed up to UNA at the start of the academic year having found a hobby in MUN conferences at College. He has since attended many conferences and was part of the delegation taking part in Harvard World MUN. Robert is also a runner for the cross country and track team and is currently fundraising for The Meningitis Research Foundation by running the Athens marathon in November.



Aidan Monteith  - General Officer 

Aidan is a final year Economics and Politics student and an enthusiastic member of UNA York having been involved with the society since his first year. Having served previously as UNA York’s treasurer, Aidan has attended eight conferences as a delegate and one as a chair and is slowly making the transition from delegating to chairing in his third year. Aside from his role as general officer, Aidan is also the Department rep for Economics at York and enjoys badminton, debating and board games.